Magazines Canada redesigns site

Magazines CanadaThe newly-redesigned site for Magazines Canada offers new interactive
features, including RSS feeds on specific topics, podcasts and video,
industry events and the ability to purchase print or digital magazine

A press release says:

“”Similar to iGoogle, the Magazines Canada homepage allows users to customize the content that is most relevant to them. Users can simply log in to customize three boxes with the information of their choice. Are cultural magazines, circulation and professional development news most relevant to you? Then those are the news feeds you’ll see.”

D.B. Scott shares the new features on his Canadian Magazines blog:

“While the redesigned site continues to offer public information on magazines for consumers and special members-only content, a new splash page leads to a number of enhanced interactive features that offer the ability to:”

-comment on news articles
-sign up for RSS feeds on specific topics (ie. advertising, business media, public affairs, etc.) or all news
 -listen to podcasts or watch videos directly in the browser
-purchase print or digital small magazine handbooks online
-apply for Magazines Canada membership online
-submit industry events
-share content on social media sites