This mag launches new website

This Magazine editor, Graham F. Scott, “flipped the switch” May 4 on the mag’s new web presence,

The new and improved site is set to replace the old site,, which is still up and running, but won’t be updated. Archives from the old site will be fully migrated over to the new one over time.

Of the new site, Scott says in his introductory post:

“We’re excited today to unveil the all-new-and-improved, holy-cow-it-took-us-long-enough, next generation This Magazine website,…We’ve taken bold steps in the direction of 2002’s hottest! online! trends! and added commenting throughout the site, on magazine articles as well as blog posts. There are RSS feeds now available too, for just the blog, just the magazine, or both combined, so you can read what you want, how you want.”

Scott adds that despite the incessant hollering about the death of print media, the team at this are feeling “pretty optimistic, actually.”

He adds:

“Our experience over the last little while has been that people still like and value having This Magazine in print, and the type of journalism our talented and passionate contributors work so hard to do. At the same time, we feel it’s important to establish a mmore robust, meaningful, and two-way web presence, and is the start of that.”

The plan is to add a new article from the magazine every day or two, so that by the time one issue’s content is fully online, the next print issue will have been released. Daily blog posts will continue.