Maclean’s university guide gets new look, content

Fifteen years in, Maclean’s magazine has revamped its annual Guide to Canadian Universities, giving it a new look and new content.

The first thing readers will likely notice is the publication’s specs: the standalone issue is no longer magazine-sized, but a book-like nine by seven inches.

Editors have also packed more content into its 256 pages, raising the number of schools covered from 69 to 81. In addition, the guide includes roughly 350 pics of campuses and campus life.

Cathrin Bradbury, Maclean’s intelligence unit manager, told Marketing magazine that Maclean’s consulted student surveys which, among many things, showed students wanted more finance-related content. As a result, articles on options for paying for school and how to stretch a textbook budget are now included.

So too is a new feature covering a Maclean’s intern’s trip across Canada to get the inside scoop on 25 schools.

The guide has also introduced iPad content, such as videos.

When explaining the changes to Marketing, Bradbury said: “I think students and the marketplace are very different now; there are a lot of ways to get your information, so it’s more competitive.”