Maclean’s newsmaker: “Conrad”

Maclean’s named former media mogul Conrad Black as its Newsmaker of the Year. From the press release:

     “Even if Canadians think Conrad Black is getting everything he deserves, one still has to stand back in awe at the unconscionable sums sunken in to his investigation and trial, dwarfing those that have allegedly been skimmed off his companies and into pockets that do not belong to the famously abused shareholders.
    “Conrad faces a cruel business in the months and years ahead. But he is a resilient man, and the way he has comported himself throughout this ordeal, which bordered on a nobility even his detractors grudgingly acknowledged, suggests that he will survive whatever lies ahead, and makes him Maclean’s “Newsmaker of the Year.” And, Maclean’s, along with its readers, watch and wait to see if the mighty will rise again.”

    “Conrad” on second reference is as telling as the writer’s choices of “resilient,” “nobility,” or “mighty.”