A love letter to journalism

The Walrus announced the winners of its Love Letters contest recently and runner-up Jina Moore penned a letter to journalism.

Moore’s letter is from a journalist who’s decided to jump ship and (most likely) head for public relations. But the journalist’s love of the craft is still strong.

She writes:

“My friends and family said you were bad for me. I ignored them. I thought you were just playing hard to get, that all that rejection was just part of the game. They tried to tell me you were only interested in one thing—cheap copy—but I didn’t believe them…

So I’m leaving you. I’m a strong, independent woman, who will go anywhere, do anything, chat up any warlord. You always say that’s what attracted you to me. And in a twist of the painfully obvious irony you love, it’s also why you’ll lose me.

I am, alas, also human. We both know I will check your Facebook status updates, and for a few months, I’ll hope that everyone is right and that you die.

But if you make it, and if you change your mind, look me up. I’ll be in a predictable rebound relationship, over in P.R.”

Visit the Walrus website for a full list of winners, including Richard Johnson’s love letter to the semicolon and grand prize winner Jennifer Croll’s letter to the economy.