Loss of local television stations demonstrates lack of vision

The closure of a local television station in Brandon, Man., continues to demonstrate the lack of vision by business-types high up in news organizations.

On the surface, it is hard to argue saving an unprofitable enterprise. No one is saying that here.

However, the opportunity to innovate and convert the rich resources at the station back into the black show the lack of entrepreneurship within media these days.

Surely, some bright minds might have tried to offer some form of news and information in an online presence. While television may not be as profitable anymore, streaming video, podcasting audio and reporting local news might be an option.

Still, if this was not possible, at least some stringers should be kept to continue to report on community news for a nearby major station.

Turning their backs on these communities will come back to haunt these corporate giants. Meanwhile, an excellent opportunity exists for a hyperlocal news project for enterprising journalists.