Live blogging the relaunch of CBC’s The National

“It really feels like CNN three years ago, except everyone is standing up,” noted Howard Bernstein, one of our live bloggers during the big relaunch of CBC News. Read more from Suanne Kelman, Robert Washburn, Susan Newhook, Jeffrey Dvorkin and J-Source readers.

CBC News introduced a full relaunch on Monday, Oct. 26. J-Source was watching and commenting live.

Starting at 9 p.m. ET, fiveCanadian journalism watchers liveblogged as they viewed the first airing of The National after the latest revamp.

Ryerson University professors Jeffrey Dvorkin and Suanne Kelman, former CBC television producer Howard Bernstein, University of King’s College assistant professor in television journalism Susan Newhook and Loyalist College journalism instructor Robert Washburn examined the changes and provided live commentary as The National aired.