Listen live: journos-turned-entrepreneurs

From 11 to noon today listen to CIUT’s “Career Buzz” to hear two journalists explain why they become entrepreneurs.

Career Buzz writes:

“One journalist becomes an entrepreneur, another supports music icons and newcomers. Career Buzz this Friday, August 27, 11am-noon, ET.

“Before launching his own digital marketing and social media consulting business in 2009, Mark Evans worked for three Internet start-ups, and spent more than 10 years as a technology reporter with the National Post, Globe & Mail and Bloomberg News. Tune in to hear the swings of Mark’s career pendulum.”

“Richard Flohil has been a reporter, features writer, music magazine editor, and music publicist. He’s been involved with the Canadian music industry since before there was a Canadian music industry. He works with newcomers and established artists alike, and knows where all the bodies are buried even though he never carried a shovel.”

Listen live: or 89.5 FM in Toronto