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Hi folks. I recently posted the following to the Canadian Association of Journalists listserv and was asked to post here as well. Hope you find it useful!

During the past little while, I’ve been converting my e-mail subscriptions to RSS feeds. (I use GoogleReader as my RSS reader and highly recommend it.) Here are some of the journalism and media related feeds I currently get. (I’m converting this material rapidly from HTML so I hope it comes through ungarbled): MediaCulture

Benton Foundation – Headlines

Canadian Journalist

CBC | Media News

ClickZ News

Complete Free Press Newswire

comScore Networks

Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism, Etc.


E-Media Tidbits

Editor And Publisher – Breaking News

Editor And Publisher – Business News

Editor And Publisher – Newsroom

Editor And Publisher – Online

Editors Weblog – all postings

eMarketer Articles

Extra! Extra!

Free Press : Journalism Headlines

Free Press : Media Ownership Headlines

Free Press Must Reads Daily News

Government of Canada News – Media

J-Source – Articles

KCNN: Knight Citizen News Network

Media Matters


Mediaweek News – All

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer | Media Coverage | PBS

NewsTrust – Media

NYT > Media and Advertising

O’Dwyer’s All News Feed


Online Journalism Review – Public Journalism Network

Press news


Project for Excellence in Journalism – Commentaries

Project for Excellence in Journalism – Daily Briefing

Project for Excellence in Journalism – Numbers

Project for Excellence in Journalism – Studies

Readership Institute


SPJ – Quill Headlines

SPJ Press Notes

The Publisher

Web Tips

Alan Bass