List of journalism blogs

Poynter’s blog is a compendium of media stories with additional commentary from Phil Romenesko.

The Editors
The various editors of BBC news share their dilemmas and issues and invite comments from the general public.

Bill Doskoch
A writer and longtime online journalist, Doskoch comments on media, film, minutiae and “big picture stuff.”

Infomaniac: Behind the News
“About the news, the Net, blogs and journalism, new media, news research and other things I like,” describes blog owner and news researcher Liz Donovan (based in North Carolina).

Media Gleaner
Yahoo! blog run by Toronto writer and editor Liz Metcalfe, who has developed content for some of the biggest portals and websites in Canada.

Teaching Online Journalism
Florida journalism teacher Mindy McAdam’s notes from the classroom and observations about today’s practice of journalism online.

Buzz Machine
Jeff Jarvis, co-creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly and now director of the interactive journalism program the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism, blogs on news and media.

Howard Owens
E&P/Poynter columnist Steve Outing has called Howard Owens a “pioneer” of the new media industry. Although is touted as a media blog, it deals with a number of different topics.

Regret The Error
Regret the Error reports on corrections, retractions, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the media. It is edited by Craig Silverman, a freelance writer from Montreal who also maintains a personal blog.

The Rural Blog
The Institute of Rural Journalism and Community Issues (University of Kentucky) maintains this blog of rural issues, trends, events and journalism from and about rural America. It’s regular reading for hundreds of journalists who cover rural issues and need story ideas, sources, comparisons and inspiration.