Links to legal resources

Media contacts and legal experts
Supreme Court of Canada's media portal

Justice Canada's NewsRoom

Media contacts and legal experts
Supreme Court of Canada's media portal

Justice Canada's NewsRoom

Canadian Law List: An online directory of 55,000 lawyers, law professors and other legal experts

Ad IDEM: Advocates in Defence of Expression in the Media. A national association of media law practitioners, with contact information for members and commentary on media law cases and issues


A Compendium of Law and Judges: A retired British Columbia judge has compiled this comprehensive introduction to the justice system and criminal and civil law

Duhaime Law: Information on criminal law, divorce, civil litigation, legal history and other areas of the law

Legal Dictionary: Plain-language definitions of legal terms


Charter of Rights & Freedoms

Criminal Code of Canada

Youth Criminal Justice Act

Canadian Legal Information Institute: A searchable database of the laws and regulations of the federal goverment and each province and territory

Court rulings

Canadian Legal Information Institute: Full-text versions of court and tribunal rulings at the federal level and for each province and territory, searchable by keyword

Supreme Court of Canada decisions

Court websites
Courts in most jurisdictions maintain websites with contact information and links to electronic versions of their rulings:

Supreme Court of Canada

Federal Court of Canada


British Columbia


Newfoundland and Labrador
Supreme Court Appeal Division
Supreme Court Trial Division

New Brunswick
Court of Appeal
Court of Queen’s Bench

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island

Court of Appeal
Superior Court

The Yukon
Court of Appeal
Supreme Court

— Compiled by Tim Roberts, a Halifax-based lawyer and a recent graduate of the University of King's College journalism program. Updated October 2006

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