Leonard Asper resigns from Canwest

Leonard Asper resigned from debt-ridden Canwest,  the company announced today.
Asper, the president and CEO along with other positions at one of
Canada’s largest media companies, left “in order to pursue other
opportunities and to avoid any concerns regarding potential conflicts
of interest,” said the press release.

“Mr. Asper will continue to provide the Company with
advice through a consulting agreement until such time that Canwest
emerges from (court protection from creditors).” A Globe and Mail report suggested several ways that Asper could return, depending on the sale of company assets.

Asper was the last of Canwest founder Israel Asper’s family to have a
position with Canwest; “Izzy” is deceased and siblings Gail and David
had previously resigned. The company’s broadcast, newspaper and other
media divisions are being sold off while under court protection from creditors.