Legal rights for G20 photographers

Photography is not a crimeCovering the G20 Summit this weekend? Photography blog Ambient Light offers a list of legal rights to keep you — and your camera —

This Magazine offers a short list of essential legal rights from Ambient Light’s master list:

-You can not be fined or charged by a private citizen, property owner, or security guard, but they have every right to sue you if they believe you have done damage to them.

-Nobody can threaten to destroy your camera, lenses, film, other property, nor can they threaten you with physical harm. Nobody can actually destroy your property, forcibly delete photos, expose your film, or harm you.

-Police can not interfere with your lawful enjoyment of property.

-Nobody can force you to delete photos. They are your private property, and willful destruction of private property falls under the Criminal Mischief.

-Nobody can search you, your bags, car, etc. However, being searched may be a condition of entrance to private property or an event.