Lawsuit against Globe and Wong to continue

A judge has tossed out a motion brought by The Globe and Mail requesting the court throw out a suit against it and reporter Jan Wong. 

The suit at issue was brought on by a family in Markham, Ont. after Wong impersonated a maid, entered the family’s home and wrote about the experiences in a series for the Globe.

The family is “alleging they suffered ‘significant embarrassment and mental
distress’ after one of the articles contained details about their
private lives and household. The claim filed by Steven and
Georgina Nitsopoulos and their son Angelo seeks $50,000 for deceit and
invasion of privacy, plus costs. Toronto Maids, which is also named in
the suit, has filed a cross-claim against the Globe,” reports The Toronto Star.

“The law of libel and slander should not act to bludgeon other
meritorious causes of action where they can stand on their own,” said
the judge. The court ought to consider the matter on a full
evidentiary record.”

“Journalists and powerful media companies can’t invade someone’s home under false pretenses and put their private lives on display to sell newspapers,” said lawyer Sam Hall of Sotos LLP, which acts for the family.
The Ontario Superior Court judge also ordered the Globe to pay $9,160 in legal costs.