Larry Zolf, former CBC reporter and pundit, has died according to CBC TV.

CBC is reporting  that veteran journalist, Larry Zolf, has died at age 76.
Zolf was a reporter, producer, critic and radio and TV host with CBC, writing a political column for until 2007. Rex Murphy wrote an obituary in the National Post, where he remembers Zolf’s “zany and blisteringly funny” wit and his “high-powered, high-speed mind.” Murphy writes:

“He was funny, deliciously well informed on all political and media gossip, and took from his own talk an almost secondary energy. You – we – went to find Larry to have an experience, not a conversation. But, and let me be clear on this – he wasn’t showing off, or demanding the spotlight. Larry was a one-of-a-kind talker; to some measure this was what most – not defined – but marked him. “