Kindle reader now available in Canada, newspaper sign on

Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader is now available in Canada and the National Post and The Globe and Mail are the first Canadian newspapers that are available for purchase through the Kindle store, CBC News reports.

The Kindle will cost US$259, plus import fees, which Amazon says will be about US$31 per device.

The Globe and the Post are now available for subscription purchase and Canwest announced that “soon all of Canwest’s big city daily newspapers, will be available on Kindle devices.”

The Kindle is available for purchase from, not

Here is the list of the magazines currently available (there are currently no Canadian titles).

Here is the list of newspapers currently available. A subscription to the Post costs $14.99 monthly and the Globe is $15.99 monthly. Each subscription includes a 14-day free trial period and the current issue can be purchased for $1.25.