Journalists in the Red Chamber

Two journalists were among 18 people appointed to Canada’s Senate by Stephen Harper: Mike Duffy and former broadcaster Pamela Wallin.

The acceptance of the position by high-profile political reporter Duffy is raising perhaps the most eyebrows; one story quoted a critic charging that the” move also points to the slipping standards of Canadian political journalism, in general.” Lee Greenberg of CanWest also quoted professor (and J-Source ethics editor) Stephen Ward saying while journalists have a right to accept Senate appointments it “will prompt valid questions about the relationships both journalists had prior to their appointment.”

A story on the CTV website looks at how Duffy decided to leave journalism behind and accept the $130,400-per-year Senate position.

Sitting Senators who were once journalists include Jim Munson, Joan Fraser,  Michael Grattan O’Leary, and Richard Doyle.