Journalism ethics site launched

Journalism Ethics for the Global Citizen, a website project headed by Stephen J.A. Ward has launched.

Ward, former director of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia, ran an ethics website through UBC, but when he moved to a new job at School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last year, he began work on relaunching the site as Journalism Ethics for the Global Citizen.

The new site is funded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is the public face of the journalism school’s new Center for Journalism Ethics. The site still retains ties to UBC.

Ward said:

“As you will see from the home page, I include Canadian journalism perspectives, and the resource pages (inside) have many links to Canadians sites. Much of the material is useful wherever you live.  After all, I am trying to make the site global in attitude.”

According to the site, the centre’s mission is “to advance the ethical standards and practices of
democratic journalism through discussion, research, teaching,
professional outreach, and newsroom partnerships. The center is a voice
for journalistic integrity, a forum for informed debate, and an
incubator for new ideas and practices.

Ward writes Ward’s Words, a regular J-Source column on ethical issues in journalism.