Journalism angst: “get over it”

Best take this week on  journalism angst –James R. Gaines in “Over 60, and Proud to Join the Digerati:”

a way, the extremes of youthful emotion remind me of media commentary
these days. Some pundits are in dark despair over the decline of
reading and print, convinced that we’re becoming a nation of addled
multitaskers who stare at screens all day. Another set seems to takes
great delight in the slow, painful death of “dead-tree media.” To both
sides, I want to say: Get over it!”

Gaines wrote, in the New York Times, “I used to be the top editor of Time, Life and People magazines (back when print was king).” Since 2008 he has worked at FLYP, an online digital publication that combines text with Flash animation, motion graphics and streaming audio and video.