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Our list of subject areas is always growing, with a growing team of Contributing Editors watching over some topics. If you would like to join their ranks, please contact us!  


Our list of subject areas is always growing, with a growing team of Contributing Editors watching over some topics. If you would like to join their ranks, please contact us!  


Agricultural Journalism
edited by Mary Baxter, Robert Irwin, Don Stoneman
In agricultural journalism, complacency can often creep into reporting and discourage critical thought about the many, many issues associated with coverage. In  this section we'll provide links to topical articles as well as pieces developed specifically for J-Source.
Alternative Media
edited by Patricia Elliott
Alternative media
The Business of Journalism
edited by Kelly Toughill
This section tracks the economic trends and business news of major media in Canada and around the world. Understand how the money side of the news business affects the journalism produced by newspapers, television, radio, magazines and web operations.
Children and Media
This section includes reflections on the challenges and rewards of writing about and for children, tips for reporting in age-appropriate and sensitive ways, some basic facts about children's rights and the media, and scholarly critiques of media treatment of children.
Covering Violence & Trauma
edited by Jane Hawkes and Claude Adams
Covering Violence & Trauma
This section deals with the physical and emotional safety of journalists in Canada and abroad, the impact of coverage on people caught up in violent and traumatic stories and the effects that covering violence and trauma may have on news consumers.
Computer-assisted Reporting
edited by Fred Vallance-Jones
This section features news and notes on computer-assisted reporting in Canada. For additional resources, visit CARinCanada.ca or J-Source's Teaching CAR section.
Freedom of Expression
edited by CJFE Volunteers
The CJFE is a Canadian non-governmental organization supported by Canadian journalists and advocates of free expression. The purpose of the organization is to defend the rights of journalists and contribute to the development of media freedom throughout the world. This space will be dedicated to news and other info about freedom of expression issues in Canada and abroad.
The Future of News
edited by Ira Basen
In a world where billions of people now have the ability to distribute pictures, videos and stories instantaneously around the world, questions about what is journalism and who is a journalist have never been more relevant, and the answers never more elusive. This section will explore the future of journalism in an age of social media.
Investigative Journalism
edited by Cecil Rosner
Behind the Headlines
Investigative journalism aims to hold powerful institutions of all kinds to account, and it does so with a rigorous search for the truth. Cecil Rosner is managing editor for CBC Manitoba. He teaches investigative journalism at the University of Winnipeg, and is the author of Behind the Headlines: A History of Investigative Journalism in Canada (Oxford University Press).
Journalism Online
edited by Robert Washburn
When mid-sized and small-sized news organizations adapt to the demand of online journalism, it's not always easy to get bang for the buck. Whether serving smaller cities and regions or groups with common interests, community journalists must stay on top of emerging technology to engage and serve their audiences. In this section, we'll highlight their achievements and methods.
Health & Medical Journalism
edited by Meredith Levine (UWO)
The goal of this section is to highlight efforts by scientists to reach broader publics, analyze critiques of journalism by scientists and offer useful tools and suggestions to help journalists cover scientific areas with greater ease and confidence.

Science Journalism

Visual Journalism
Straddling the line between journalism and art, "visual journalism" uses tools like photography, video, illustration and multimedia to deliver the story through images, as told by visually literate journalists. In this J-Topic we follow news and trends on the visual communication side of journalism.


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