J-Source’s new Town Hall editor

J-Source welcomes our new Town Hall editor, Dale Bass. She currently works as a senior reporter with Black Press and is secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

For four years, outgoing Town Hall editor Deborah Jones has been trying to nudge the Canadian journalistic community to take their often-private or inter-newsroom quipping to a wider audience. She captured the energetic water cooler conversations happening on Canadian Journalist and relocated them to J-Source to build Town Hall into the place to find buzz.  We thank you for all your efforts and look forward to reading you on the other side of the comment section.

In her inaugural post as Town Hall editor, Dale writes: 

Town Hall – it’s a place where people gather to listen, to express, to question.

It’s what the J-Source Town Hall was created to be — think of it like the letters to the editor section of this website.

And, like the letters page, we want this J-Source link to be where you can voice your opinions, perhaps even vent on an issue that’s affecting this crazy business we have devoted our time to following.

So watch Town Hall. I’ll be posting links to articles, viewpoints and other sites that hopefully will contain some content that intrigues you, excites you, annoys you — that sparks your desire to express yourself in our hall.

And, for those of you who want to contribute, the easiest way is to just send me an email with whatever it is you want posted in Town Hall and I’ll deal with it.

The best way to reach me is at dbass55@shaw.ca.

So, for starters, here’s a MediaShift article on computational journalism — and it’s as far away from Underwoods and hot lead as you can get.

And, to further the point that I think is being made is a somewhat older AP story on the University of Colorado considering the end of its journalism school.

So, as someone who was in the last undergrad journalism class at UWO, I’m not sure what to think about where we are now. Comments?