J-Links for June 26: Bell, CBC end Olympic bid; Edmonton gets French FM station; Iraq to shut down media outlets?


In Canadian media:

Bell Media and CBC break their Olympic partnership bid


In Canadian media:

Bell Media and CBC break their Olympic partnership bid

Bell Media and CBC have been in negotiations for over a year with the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to acquire the broadcasting rights to the 2014 Sochi and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The two companies submitted two joint bids for media rights to the Games but the IOC rejected both. Canada may be without a domestic broadcaster for the ever-popular sporting events.


Edmonton to get new French-language FM radio station

The CRTC has approved a licence for the CBC to operate a French-language FM radio station in Edmonton, Alta. The new station will replace the AM station CHFA Edmonton. The licence conditions will remain the same as CHFA’s. 


Canadian start-up aims to simply online portfolios

Techvibes.com delves into Konekt.me, a website that aims to give a platform to journalists and writers to showcase their work to a broad audience.


In international media:

Iraq's move to close 44 media outlets results in protest

Iraq’s press freedom group Journalistic Freedoms Observatory has condemned authorities after it says 44 news organizations were ordered to be shut down. Iraq’s media commission said this only applies to unlicenced operations, however it is reported that some organizations on the list are licenced. Although no outlet is reported to have been forced to close yet, critics say the country’s Prime Minister is sending a warning to the media.


Today’s read:

After being deemed too dangerous, rescue crews attempt to save two in shopping mall

Emergency crews are considering “extreme measures” today in an attempt to save at least two people trapped in Elliot Lake shopping mall. A parking lot on the roof fell two floors down on Saturday afternoon in the small northern Ontario mining town  and officials detected “signs of life” yesterday.