J-Links for July 30: On HuffPost in Canada; Big media struggles with Olympics; Conrad Black hints at investing in Canadian newspapers


In Canadian media:

HuffingtonPost in Canada: should Canadian media be concerned?


In Canadian media:

HuffingtonPost in Canada: should Canadian media be concerned?

United States-owned The Huffington Post has become an international online media company and has two editions in Canada; Huffington Post Canada and Le Huffington Post Quebec. This fall, it will launch two more websites in Alberta and B.C., and freelance writer Jonathan Sas discusses whether a foreign-owned media empire expanding in the country is detrimental or beneficial to Canadian media.

Why the media is struggling to adapt an old model at this year’s Olympics

With Olympics coverage now available on more platforms than ever, big media companies are having a hard time adapting. NBC, for example tape delays events, forcing viewers to wait hours after an event takes place and all of Canada’s broadcasters have pulled bidding for the 2014 and 2016 Games.

Conrad Black comments on investing in Canadian media

Former media baron and founder of the National Post, Conrad Black told Huffington Post Canada that he believes newspapers to be undervalued and he’d think about investing in Canadian media if the right opportunity presented itself.


In international media:

ABC News President responds to error in linking Tea Party with Colorado shooting

A senior ABC News correspondent made a huge error in linking the suspect in the Colorado shooting James Holmes, to a Jim Holmes, of the Colorado Tea Party organization in a report for ABC News’s Good Morning America. ABC President Ben Sherwood responds to criticism and speaks on the changing climate of news organizations, if he thinks that may lead to mistakes and whether or not the public is losing faith in mainstream media.


Today’s read:

Christie Blatchford on Canada’s start to the Olympics

Although Canada has only won one medal so far, Christie Blatchford says the beginning of the Olympics has been “electrifying”. She gives a run down of the Games thus far and talks to athletes about Canada’ first medal winners divers Émilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel, who won a bronze medal for Canada in the women’s three-metre synchronized event.