J-Links: The Guardian picks up Wente plagiarism story; Henry Champ passes away; Mother Jones’ emergence


In Canadian media:

The Guardian picks up Margaret Wente plagiarism story


In Canadian media:

The Guardian picks up Margaret Wente plagiarism story

The UK’s The Guardian has picked up the story of Margaret Wente’s possible plagiarism, The Globe and Mail’s response, and the backlash the newspaper is facing online.  When Carol Wainio’s Media Culpa blog post outlining instances where she questioned Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente’s attributions (or lackthereof) went viral last week, many online expected it to be a big story. But so far, the conversation remains online, as no mainstream Canadian publication has yet picked it up. (Maclean's being the exception.)

Longtime broadcast journalist Henry Champ dies at 75

Henry Champ, a broadcast journalist whose career lasted nearly 50 years and included positions at CBC, CTV and NBC, has passed away at the age of 75 in Washington, D.C. Champ was CBC’s Washington correspondent until his retirement in 2008.

In international media

Greek journalists strike to protest austerity program

Greece’s journalists are pre-empting a general strike by the country’s two largest labour unions on Wedesday with a 24-hour walkout that means no radio or TV news on Monday and no printed newspapers Tuesday. The strikes are in protest of the country’s new austerity measures

Today’s read

Romney 47 per cent video marks Mother Jones’ coming out party

Reuters reporters Brent Lang and Alexander C. Kaufman take us through how Mother Jones – the liberal mag that Lang and Kaufman say is “more commonly associated with greying 1960s radicals” – got the story and the scoop of the now-infamous Mitt Romney 47 per cent video. The story marks the magazine’s emergence “as a major force in web-based political journalism,” Lang and Kaufman say.