J-Links: CBSC rules against homophobic comments; NMA free ebook; Salon calls out Ryan lies

In Canadian media:

CBSC rules against Christian TV homophobic comments

In Canadian media:

CBSC rules against Christian TV homophobic comments

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council  has released its decision regarding the religious call-in program “It’s Your Call” broadcast on CITS-TV (CTS Ontario). The CBSC ruled that the program repeatedly made abusive and discriminatory comments based on sexual orientation. The ruling also noted that the program contained inaccurate information. Both of these rulings put It’s Your Call in violation of CAB codes.

National Magazine Awards offering free ebook of award-winners

The National Magazine Awards has published its 35th anniversary ebook, Best in Magazines, which features 30 award-winning articles, photographs, layouts and illustrations as honoured by the NMAs between 2007 and 2012. The ebook can be purchased for free through iTunes.


In international media:

Salon fact checks Paul Ryan’s speech. Conclusion: ‘brazen lies’

Salon has gone through Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and pointed out what it calls Ryan’s “brazen lies.” The article comes a few days after Jay Rosen sparked a discussion about lies on the campaign trail after Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith was told by a Romney pollster: “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”


Today’s read:

An airbag for bicyclists?

A pair of Swedish designers have created what they’re calling the ‘invisible bike helmet.’ Instead of a traditional helmet, the Hövding is a fabric collar that cyclists wrap around their neck and in the case of an accident, the Hövding sensors trigger an airbag in the collar to pop out, inflating in 0.1 seconds, covering the cyclist’s head.  The device is not yet available in Canada as it needs to be certified and approved, but it retails in Europe, where it has been approved, for about $600.