J-Links: Bob Johnstone passes away; 2012 Freelance Industry report; Friends’ CBC Town Hall in Halifax


In Canadian media:

Bob Johnstone dead at 82


In Canadian media:

Bob Johnstone dead at 82

Bob Johnstone is a renowned Canadian storyteller; his voice perhaps best known for his “Today in History” radio features, though he worked on all three major mediums over the course of his career. Johnstone spent two decades at the Toronto Star and was an original host of CBC’s the fifth estate, though radio was where he established his following. Johnstone passed away from cancer over the weekend. He was 82.   

Haligonians: CBC We Want Town Hall on Thursday

Those in the Halifax region who wish to talk about the future of Canada’s public broadcaster can do so at a “CBC We Want” town hall Thursday, Sept. 6 at the Lord Nelson Hotel.  The town hall series, which has stopped in other Canadian cities already this year, is sponsored by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

In international media:

Q&A with the author of the 2012 Freelance Industry Report

Masthead’s Jaclyn Law has done a Q&A with Ed Gandia, founder of the International Freelancers Academy and the author of the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, on the findings that the report outlines. Many of them are surprising, including: women out-earning men at every price range; freelancers as job creators; and respondents’ lack of concern for the supposed threat from lower-cost freelancers. The report can be found in full here.

Today’s read:

Proposed Slots and Racetracks shut-down could collapse horse racing industry

If the Ontario government continues with its plan to shut down the Slots and Racetracks program, there won’t just be lost jobs and wages – 13,000 horses will also have to be euthanized, according to a recent report from the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel. The government’s decision to shut down the program, which provides the racing industry with revenue derived from slot machines housed at horse tracks ($345 million in 2011), was announced in March, to the surprise of many in the industry.