J-Links for Aug. 17: CRTC approves MLSE TV sale; London reporter wins international prize; RCMP officer approves of Bell’s Astral takeover


In Canadian media:

CRTC approves $1.3 billion sales of MLSE TV channels to BCE Inc., Rogers


In Canadian media:

CRTC approves $1.3 billion sales of MLSE TV channels to BCE Inc., Rogers

The CRTC approves a $1.3 billion sale of television channels owned by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. to rivaling companies BCE Inc. and Rogers Communications. Although the deal involves several sports-related properties such as professional sports teams, the CRTC’s review was limited to the television services: Leafs TV, Gol TV, NBA TV Canada and two yet-to-be launched services. The closing date has yet to be announced but both companies said it will be soon.

London Community News writer wins Star Prize at IFAJ

London Community News’s Mary Baxter is this year’s winner of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Star Prize for print journalism. Her article, “Lyme disease: the painful and hard-to-diagnose condition” was published in Better Farming magazine and has won her the title that was announced at the IFAJ congress in Sweden. Baxter receives a certificate, gold IFAJ pin and a € 1,000 cash prize.

RCMP officer writes letter to CRTC approving of BCE’s acquisition of Astral

Insp. Dana Hart, a high-ranking RCMP officer in B.C. has written a letter to the CRTC in favour of BCE Inc.’s proposed takeover of Astral Media. He says the Mounties at the detachment in B.C.’s city of Terrace “rely on our local Astral Media extensively to inform the public” about safety in the area.


In international media:

Student journalists leave paper in protest against new management

Student journalists walked out from the University of Georgia’s independent student newspaper The Red & Black Wednesday night. The students were upset because the paper’s editorial advisor was given full editorial control — he could view the paper before it was published. Late Thursday the students set up an alternate publication called Red and Dead and have been posting content since.


Today’s read:

Member of Pussy Riot may be Canadian citizen

All-girl Russian punk band Pussy Riot are being charged for hooliganism spurred by religious hatred after holding a guerilla rock concert in a central cathedral in Moscow. They briefly performed a song with lyrics asking the Virgin Mary to protect Russia from President Vladimir Putin. One of the group members may be a resident of Canada; although she denies this, there are photographs of what looks like an official Permanent Resident Card in her name. CTV reports that she is a resident of Canada.