It’s official: Facebook for Journalists

Is Facebook suffering from Twitter envy? In an attempt to make the social networking site more prevalent among journalists — and to cinch the newsroom crown — Facebook has launched a new page dubbed “Journalists on Facebook“, as well as a meet-up program.

According to Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s director of media partnerships, the page is intended to act as an ongoing resource for reporters who use Facebook to find sources, interact with readers, and advance stories.

In the blog post announcing the page, Osofsky added: “The page will provide journalists with best practices for integrating the latest Facebook products with their work and connecting with the Facebook audience of more than 500 million people.”

Osofsky also takes care to mention recent examples of big-name journalists who have used Facebook for equally big stories, such as New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof, who used Facebook to report events on the ground in Cairo.

In addition to the page, Facebook is also starting an around-the-globe meet-up program. The program will feature workshops on how to use Facebook as a reporting tool (of course), as well as how to engage in open dialogue with the journalism community. The first meet-up will be at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California.