It’s getting hotter in more ways than one…

has fuelled extra interest in the UN Climate
Change Conference
. Ethical journalists may hold themselves above opening
private mail, but there’s been no shortage of coverage since someone else did
the dirty work. “Does the pendulum in
the quest for ‘balance’ in covering global warming now shift back?” is one question posed in Town
Australian Science Media Centre has published a round-up of expert responses
to the hacked emails.  

Copenhagen, journalists are lining up for a
seat in the gallery. With 5,000 credentials issued and no more room in the
venue, organizers have suspended further press registrations,
to UN’s Press
web page.  Armchair
reporters will find the
conference’s Virtual
site helpful, including a live webcast, iPhone apps, a
Twitter feed, and other social media options.

J-Source posts on climate include Investigating the
Carbon Trading Market
Science, hype, and
the troublesome “balance” habit
and Climate Change
Beat Guide
. There’s plenty more: just type ‘climate,’ ‘global warning’
or ‘environment’ into the J-Source search bar.

(Image by Jackl

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