Italian Vogue oil spill cover controversy

Italian Vogue

Italian Vogue‘s new issue
features a cover and fashion spread with women beaching in oil-spills.

Yahoo reports:

“A new 24-page fashion spread in the September issue of Italian Vogue features model Kristen McMenamy wearing oil-soaked black feathered outfits, withering away on a beach. Famed photographer Steven Meisel shot the controversial Gulf disaster-inspired images of McMenamy caught in nets, spitting up oil, and flopping like a dying seal on rocks. But while the images are powerful and striking, we’re left wondering whether they were done in good taste.”

New York magazine’s The Cut writes:

“It’s at once beautiful and revolting, eye-catching and alienating. So what is it: ballsy fashion journalism rooted in reality, or just a sick glamorization of a traumatic event?” –