sells ready-made stories

A new website offers editors access to a bank of ready-written stories
with illustrations, designed for filling gaps on deadline. described itself in a press release as “a new resource for anyone in need of well-reported, well-told, well-illustrated content for websites and publications at an affordable price.”

Neil Dixon Smith, project director of the website, was quoted in the release:

“We surveyed the marketplace and realized it’s difficult to find interesting, high-quality stories that can stand up to critical scrutiny. Every editor has experienced being on deadline with an immediate story need with neither the time nor the budget to make an assignment. is the answer.”

Editors Weblog writes:

“iNeedaGreatStory claims that it offers editors with “value they can’t get from a content mill that churns out thousands of pieces of content a day or from a ‘features service’ that shills products in its ‘stories,” but inevitably, comparisons will be drawn and in fact, significant differences are not immediately obvious. The concept is likely to attract criticism for trying to fill publications with generic articles, but as newspapers are forced to make cuts and might be pressed to fill space, it might gather some customers.  

“In the meantime, to find out whether can deliver on its claim of making “life easier for editors everywhere,” you can visit the website and try out a story for free with the coupon code: MEDIA.”