Hunt on for new hosts: The House, Ottawa Morning

The hunt is on for somebody to host CBC’s radio flagships in Ottawa, Ottawa Morning and The House, after Kathleen Petty announced last week that she is leaving town for Calgary.

Petty has hosted both slots since arriving to Ottawa (from Calgary) in 2006. She has yet to announce an official last day, but says she will be off air in Ottawa by September. In Calgary, she’ll replace Jim Brown as host of the Calgary Eyeopener.

“As difficult a decision as it was to come here,” she said last week on Ottawa Morning, “oddly it’s just as difficult a decision to go back.”

No word yet on who is set to replace her, but Petty suspects it may be two people — one for each show.

“My guess — and I’m not in charge of making these decisions– but my guess is they will split it up again,” she said last week. “There will be a host that does Ottawa Morning only … and they will hire somebody else for The House.”

Well, who would you pick?