HuffPo plans Canada launch — and is hiring

If the latest AOL job ad is anything to go by, The Huffington Post is launching in Canada. And, they’re looking for a senior news editor.

Here’s the job description, reprinted from the ad:

“Calling all news junkies: The Huffington Post is coming to Canada! We need the best of the best at the helm to plan, execute and manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the national news strategy for one of the most exciting media brands online today. Over 1.5 million Canadians are already HuffPost readers. We want to keep them reading by coupling the best content they already know and love with a fresh new take on Canadian news and politics, featuring the best Canadian names as our contributors.

“We have an immediate opening for a full-time online editor to manage the content offerings and growth of our upcoming Huffington Post news channels. If you’ve got news in your blood, front page management experience in your pocket, and have the online expertise and social media experience to match, we want to meet you.”

Next follows a slew of roles and responsibilities, plus “desired skills and experiences”, including the requirement that the candidate lives in Toronto.

In other news, an unpaid blogger recently launched a lawsuit against HuffPo, claiming that the company unfairly pocketed $105-million from unpaid blog posts after it was sold to AOL for $315-million.