Huffing and puffing and …

Arianna Huffington’s new book contends new and old media “are rapidly joining together to bring out the best in each other,” said a Reuters story, based on a pre-book-launch interview with Huffington.

But Huffington, whose Huffington Post makes her the unrivaled queen of blogging in the America, couldn’t resist a swipe at mainstream media in book’s introduction. Noted Reuters: “The vast majority of mainstream journalists head in the direction the assignment desk points them…  In contrast, bloggers are armed with a far more effective piece of access than a White House press credential: passion.”

So… traditional journalists are flat-footed stooges, “bloggers” are passionate.

Right. That attitude is really going to encourage bringing out the best in each other.

The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging is due for release next week.