How is a journalist like the the honeybee, but not the butterfly? Tyee editor David Beers explains

What role do journalists have in advancing solutions for society? Their role is to be the honeybee, not the butterfly. David Beers, founder of the Tyee and the Tyee Solutions Society, explains in this talk at the recent Ashoka Changemaker Showcase on Solutions Journalism.

The purpose of the showcase is to strengthen local ecosystems for social innovation by partnering with schools to organize an ongoing series of Changemaker Showcases. From their website:

"Schools in each geographic hub – Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc. – take turns hosting a showcase to convene local changemakers, share learning and connect students to mentors and champions. Each showcase features three TED-style talks that provide inspiration as well as insights for college and university students. "

Also in this particular showcase was…

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This article was originally published on The Tyee