A selection of headlines above the first online, breaking-news stories about today’s Statistics Canada crime report. It’s a hot political topic in the context of yesterday’s Conservative government throne speech — which includes a priority on “law and order” measures.

The Globe and Mail:
Homicide rate drops in 2006
Other violent crimes on rise as number of killings with firearms drops for first time in four years, Statscan says. (A Canadian Press story.)  The story’s second graph points out the political connection: “With the minority Conservative government in Ottawa declaring crime – and gun crime – one of its top priorities in Tuesday’s throne speech, Canada’s police services reported 605 homicides in 2006, 58 fewer than the previous year.”

The Toronto Star:
Homicide rate down in 2006
(CP story)

The Vancouver Sun:
Violent crime on the rise
A CanWest staff story. The lead is about the 10 per cent drop in murders, and fewer
murders committed with a gun, and the headline’s claim is only reached
midway through the second paragraph: “But while the murder rate dipped
after two years of going up, Statistics Canada said other violent
crimes, such as attempted murder, serious assaults and robberies, were
on the rise last year.”

Violent crime on the rise
(Same CanWest staff story as in the Sun, same headline)

The National Post:
Murder rate drops, violent crime on the rise
(Same CanWest staff story, but with its comprehensive nature reflected in the headline)

National homicide rate drops in 2006: StatsCan
(Staff story)