Harper falls, but he still won’t talk to journos

Even after Parliament voted Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative
government in contempt, the notoriously tight-lipped PM refused to talk
to journalists.

The Toronto Star, National Post, CBC and Globe and Mail all covered the event live, both using Canadian liveblogging software (The Star and Post used ScribbleLive, the Globe and CBC used Cover it Live). [Ed note: full disclosure, I recently began working for ScribbleLive]

Here’s a taste of the live coverage:

From CBC reporter Kady O’Malley:

“I don’t really understand why the PM keeps referring to the budget in the present tense. Oh, there, he just switched to the past. #hw”

And TVO reporter Steve Paikin:

“Papers go flying in the air. House adjourned. This parl is done. #cdnpoli”

And from Toronto Star reporter Joanna Smith:

“Harper turned & left after saying he would take questions after visiting GG tomorrow. Much yelling, someone shouted “He’s gone!” #cdnpoli”

You can almost hear the collective rush of reporters racing to get the news out.