Hanomansing leaves CBC Vancouver

Ian HanomansingVeteran CBC journalist Ian Hanomansing hosted his last edition of CBC
News: Vancouver last night. He is moving the The National where he’ll be
a  regular West Coast contributor, along with Duncan McCue.

Over the years Hanomansing has frequently appeared on the show, most recently during the Olympics, the CBC reports:

“Ian joined CBC News in 1986. During this time he has had a wide variety of assignments as a reporter, anchor and interviewer. Among the major stories he’s covered: the Exxon Valdez oil spill and San Francisco earthquake (both in 1989), the Los Angeles riot (1992), Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot (1994), the Hong Kong handover (1997) and numerous Olympic Games. He hosted Pacific Rim Report, which focused on Canada’s connection to Asia; Times 7, a joint venture between CBC News and the New York Times; Canada Now, a national supper-hour newscast; Still Talking Hockey, a sports-themed late night program on CBC British Columbia; and Feeling the Heat, a summer series about the environment on CBC Radio One. Ian won the 2008 Gemini Award for the best news anchor.”