The great Toronto Star/Onion mash-up: reaction

The Onion made big news yesterday when it announced its first-ever foray into a city outside the U.S. In case you missed it, the satirical magazine, and its pop-culture sister pub, the  A.V. club, have teamed up with the Toronto Star to bring a print edition to Toronto, starting this fall.

Before the move north of the border, The Onion maintained city-focused editions in 14 U.S. markets. While plenty of readers are excited about Toronto becoming the 15th market, some in the media world are wondering what this means for the city’s alt-weeklies and, as reports, whether The Onion‘s entry will affect their circulation numbers. The Onion will distribute 50,000 free copies each week in Toronto.

Meanwhile, a couple of U.S.-based papers decided to poke some fun at the news, including The New York Times, which ran the headline: “The Onion Expands Internationally, if Canada Counts”.

For more fun, check out‘s top five Canada-related Onion stories, which include 1996’s “Perky ‘Canada’ Has Own Government, Laws” and 2002’s “That Trip to Canada Really Broadened My Horizons“.