Google tips for journalists

Google has offered up some tips and tricks for journalists looking to get the most out of their Googling. These tips were discussed by Google experts at the AAJA conference in Los Angeles, and reported via Marketwire.


Search for keywords within a site:
Want to find all the references to “CRTC” on J-Source? Use this format: CRTC site:

Academic searches:
Use Google Scholar to find sources or academic articles

U.S. government searches:
Go to and type in your keyword to search within government websites

Public data searches:
Google’s database of databases:

Google Trends:
Shows what topics are trending in the U.S.

Google Insights:
Allows you to compare search terms, locations and time ranges to see what’s trending


If you want readers to pay attention to a certain part of a video, note the timestamp and paste it to the end of the link. Use this code: #t=0m29s.

Google will not share contact info for YouTube users, so don’t bother asking

When using YouTube content in a broadcast: you must credit both YouTube and the user who posted the video.