Globe names Ingram as communities editor

The Globe and Mail has named its technology reporter, Mathew Ingram, as the new communities editor of

As Mary McGuire notes on her Teaching Journalism Today blog, this “will be an interesting experiment to watch.”

Ingram writes on his blog:

“I’ve written about the stock market, the rise of the Internet, moved
out West to write about oil and gas, and then came back in 2000 to be
the Globe’s first online columnist and its
first blogger
(before anyone — including me — really knew what that meant). For the
past year and a half or so, I’ve been the newspaper’s “new media”
reporter, writing about all the ways in which the Web and social media
are changing the business of online content for newspapers, magazines,
authors, musicians, actors, artists and just about everyone in between.

A little while ago, I was offered an opportunity at the Globe that I
got pretty excited about: a position that we’re calling “Communities
Editor.” What does that mean exactly? To tell you the truth, I’m not
quite sure.”