Gazette management and guild reps meet

After editorial and reader sales and service staff at the Montreal Gazette rejected the latest contract offer (65% of advertising staff voted to accept the offer) from owners on Jan. 25, the two sides met again this week to hash out a solution.

Gazette publisher and general manager Alan Allnut sent a memo to employees to explain the situation as of Jan. 28:

“To All Gazette Employees:

On Jan. 14 the company tabled final contract proposals to the Guild. Last Sunday the Guild submitted the proposals to its members. The advertising unit accepted it, while editorial and RSS units turned it down. At the same time, those units instructed their negotiating committee in a resolution to return to the table to try and resolve the jurisdiction issue in a way “that meets the needs of both the Gazette and its employees.”

This afternoon (Jan. 28) the two sides met in the presence of a conciliator. The Guild presented a proposal on jurisdiction that unfortunately does not meet the needs of the company. In addition, the Guild proposed reopening many other issues that the company considers closed under its final offer. The company told the Guild that it remains open to other proposals on jurisdiction that would satisfy both parties. We remain hopeful that a resolution on this issue can be reached.


Alan Allnutt
Publisher and General Manager
The Gazette
1010 O. Rue Ste. Catherine Street West,
Montreal, QC
A division of Canwest Publishing

The Montreal Newspaper Guild said in a statement:

“The Montreal Newspaper Guild negotiating committee, representing Editorial and Reader Sales and Service employees, today presented a new set of proposals to management representatives in an attempt to resolve outstanding issues.

Management representatives said they would consider the proposals and respond at a later date.

The negotiating committee appreciates the strong turnout at Sunday’s meeting and your support in turning down the company’s unacceptable offer.”