French monument to commemorate fallen journalists

Reporters Without Borders asks for help in compiling a list of all journalists killed around the world since 1944.

The town of Bayeux, in Normandy, has decided to build a memorial (with the help of Reporters Without Borders) to pay tribute to journalists killed while doing their job.

The memorial, entirely devoted to journalists and press freedom, will be the first of its kind in Europe. It will feature a landscaped walkway displaying white stones bearing the names of journalists killed anywhere in the world since 1944.

To build it, Reporters Without Borders seeks the help of all those around the world who value freedom of the press and opinion to draw up a list of journalists so killed.

If you know the name of one or more journalists murdered or who died
since 1944 in the course of their work, please e-mail all the information you have about them (name, who they worked for and when and where they died) to us at After we have checked their details, their names will be inscribed on the stones at the memorial.

This appeal is addressed to all journalists, professional associations, trade unions and non-governmental organisations everywhere and is being sent out in a dozen languages. Reporters Without Borders hopes you can circulate it widely among your colleagues and friends.

The Journalists Memorial will be inaugurated in Bayeux on October 7, 2006.