Freelancers’ Long March

Freelancers have won the right to
be heard before the Quebec Superior Court
in their ongoing battle for
compensation for republishing articles online. It’s been 12 years since the Electronic Rights Defence Committee began their
class action lawsuit.

Tanya Gulliver’s article Rights and rates:
an ongoing battle for freelancers
is a good source of background
information on the tribulations of freelancers in recent decades. In 2006, the
Supreme Court upheld
freelancers’ copyright
, a partial victory for writers and one more step
forward in what has been a very long journey.

For an inside take on the issue, check out this J-Source email debate
between freelancer Michael OReilly and editor
Corinna vanGerwen. Their exchanges give
insight to the tussle over rights and fair compensation, as seen from both
sides of the desk.