Freelance union gets commitment from CEP

The Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) has received a three-year commitment from the national Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP), CFU interim president Michael OReilly has announced.

The CFU Bulletin stated:

“I know … it has been a long road, but I am happy to report that we finally have the resources, and a three-year commitment from national CEP, to make the CFU a reality. This means things are going to happen relatively soon now.”

The first members meeting is scheduled for Oct. 3, at which an initial set of bylaws will be decided upon, the first national executive will be elected and other founding policies will be chosen.

According to the bulletin, charter members will receive a discount towards their first year’s annual dues, paying $100/year rather than the regular $100, for the first year.

Check out the CFU website for more information about the union.