FP mag rips out article before distribution

Financial Post Magazine readers opened the latest issue to find page 16 missing from the publication.

According to a Toronto Star report, a story titled “Bang for the buck. Dominic D’Alessandro’s options and reputation at risk” was torn out of the magazine before distribution due to a complaint from officials at Manulife Financial Corp., where D’Alessandro is CEO.

The Star reports:

“A source familiar with the situation said officials at Manulife complained to the Post after spotting an online version of the story prior to the magazine’s distribution.

The story reportedly contained a “serious error” about Manulife and the Post volunteered to physically remove the page from every copy to appease the financial services giant. The error was egregious enough that a standard correction was not sufficient, the source said.”

The incident comes after the chair of the Manulife board wrote a strongly worded letter to the editor after a March 7 Post story involving Manulife.