FP mag “revived”

FP CoverFinancial Post Business magazine has been renamed and revamped. The first issue of the newly rebranded Financial Post Magazine was distributed through the National Post newspaper on Sept. 9.

The mag’s website has been beefed up as well.

“It’s a more familiar look and feel and integrates the best of the
recent National Post print and online redesigns into the magazine,”
said the magazine’s editor Brian Banks, in a news release. “We’ve incorporated reader feedback and
launched new sections such as Family Finance which has expanded from a
column into a feature and included more investing and personal finance

Banks explained the changes in his editor’s note:

“We’ve also made further strides toward integrating and leveraging the
combined resources of the magazine with the Financial Post section of
the paper and with the Post website. To that end, you’ll see more
familiar FP writers on our pages and more places to start conversations
in the magazine and take them online.”

Banks told Masthead magazine that reader feedback guided the changes and that intergration with the newspaper was key. He said:

“We wanted it to be: If you put the paper down on the table with the
magazine and our competing magazines, it’d be very clear which magazine
belongs to the paper. Not just by the words, but by the look