Four journalists file police complaints

Four journalists have filed police complaints with Ontario’s police
watchdog, alleging physical assault and threats of sexual assault while
being arrested during the G20 summit, The National Post reports.

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Jesse Rosenfeld, Amy Miller, Adam McIsaac and Lisa Walter have all filed complaints with the Office of Independent Police Review Director. The journalists are working with lawyer Julian Falconer of Falconer Charney LLP.

Rosenfeld was freelancing for The Guardian when he was beaten and arrested. He told Rabble Radio: “An officer looked at my press pass and said ‘this isn’t legitimate, you’re under arrest’, and I was immediately jumped and beaten to the ground. I was punched in the stomach, my arms were pulled back, I was hit in the back and thrown to the ground. After I was down the cops piled on me, hitting me in the back of the ribs. They lifted up my legs, twisted my ankle and sprained it, and my face was pushed into the concrete.”

The National Post reports:

“Montreal-based journalist Amy Miller told a news conference on Monday that officers threatened to rape her when she was arrested on Sunday afternoon.”

Miller told reporters: 
“I was told I was going to be gang banged. I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure I was going to be repeatedly raped while I was in jail.”

Rosenfeld said the female reporters were “completely traumatized” by the strip searches officers conducted, adding that one young women had a finger put insider her.