Former Sun Media journalists launch community newspaper in Brockville

Another hyperlocal news project launched in response to mainstream media’s massive cutbacks.

“The new independent Brockville Voice
broadsheet weekly, with four former Sun Media employees among the
ranks, marks its first month on the streets this Friday, The Toronto Sun Family blog reports.

“Jacqui Lysko,
editor-in-chief, brings TSF up to date on the Aug. 21 launch of one of
Canada’s newest independent newspapers, which had an initial press run
of 12,000.”

With slumping circulation figures, Sun Media should be taking a lesson or two from this upstart.

While the hyperlocal phenomena often refers to online initiatives, this one is concentrating on old fashion print. A website is posted, but it is a primitive download edition. Hopefully, it will soon develop into an integrated publishing project to serve the community.