European news network in English

The English online version of German newsmagazine Der Spiegel and, the English-language Web site of Netherlands daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad, announced a new partnership “to launch a Europe-wide network of publishers of high-quality journalism on national, European and international affairs.”

A story in SPIEGEL ONLINE said the partners “plan to exchange content on a regular basis and develop joint journalism specials … to provide broader reporting on European issues and to contribute to a greater debate about the future of the European Union and Europe’s role in the international community.”

SPIEGEL ONLINE was launched in October, 2004. It claimed a peak last July of 1.2 million unique visitors. The thing I like about it is always finding something of interest — the web site at the time of this posting has stories on how Germany has exceeded its commitments from the 1997 Kyoto accord and an oddball piece: Wild Boar Storms Frankfurt Church.